J.A. King Opens Laboratory in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL January 9, 2017

J.A. King, the 17025-accredited precision measurement company, announced their expansion into Birmingham, Alabama market today.

The addition of this new facility significantly enhances J.A. King’s measurement and calibration service offering for the state of Alabama and throughout the region.  “J.A. King has entered Alabama in a big way,” said John King, CEO of J.A. King.  “In October of 2016, we acquired B & C Instruments in Huntsville and we’re now delighted to be opening our Birmingham lab.”

“The Birmingham area has many industrial companies who require the precision measurement services that J.A. King provides.  From very minute to truly massive, we can measure and calibrate just about anything to a very high degree of accuracy,” added King.  The new lab, located in Bessemer, will provide ISO accredited calibration and new instrument sales to companies in the life sciences, automotive and energy industries, among others.

“Everyone at J.A. King works incredibly hard to deliver world-class customer service and technical expertise to our customers.  We look forward to partnering with the companies in north-central Alabama to provide a single source measurement solution,” said King.

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