J.A. King Company Newsletter – August 2017

Ask the Experts: What is the difference between calibration, verification, and validation?

Calibration Audit Preparation ServicesWe are often asked about the difference between calibration, verification, and validation. While they may seem similar, it is critical that you use the correct process or processes to ensure that your quality system meets all the necessary requirements.

Read our Ask the Experts article to learn the difference between these processes, how they relate to one another, and how J.A. King can help with all your calibration, validation, verification, and IQ/OQ/PQ needs.


10 Factors Impacting the Accuracy & Repeatability of your Balance

Sartorius BalancesEven if your balance is calibrated on a regular interval, there are several factors that could be impacting the accuracy and repeatability of your measurements on a day to day basis. Being aware of and controlling these factors can ensure that you get reliable data from your balance every time.

Click below to read our full article and learn the 10 things that could be impacting the accuracy & repeatability of your balance.

Product Promo: Vision Engineering Mantis Series

Vision Engineering Mantis MicroscopeJ.A. King is proud to partner with Vision Engineering to bring you the Mantis series. Mantis Stereo Microscopes are the accepted standard for ergonomics and high performance magnification. These eyepiece-less microscopes allow for clear 3D viewing without operator fatigue. The ergonomic design allow users to be more efficient, accurate, and productive.

The Mantis line features three models: Compact, Elite, and Elite-Cam HD. Magnification options from 2x-20x with a maximum working distance of 167mm at 2x. The Elite-Cam HD comes with uEye image capture PC software which allows the user to capture images, add annotations, and record video.

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