J.A. King Employee Spotlight: Luis – Senior Service Technician II in Raleigh

Luis - Senior Service PMD Technician II - Raleigh

Meet Luis, a Senior Service PMD Technician II in Raleigh. Luis has been with J.A. King since 2013 and says his favorite thing about J.A. King is our initiative to put the customer first, above all else, as we are a service industry that relies on our customer’s confidence in our ability to complete the tasks set forth.

When asked about what is the best part of his job he states “I believe one of the best parts about the job goes hand in hand with the customer relationships and the new equipment I am able to come across. I have a few customers that are very passionate about the work they do, and having them explain what they accomplish on a daily basis, as proudly as some do, and be able to share that energy with them, makes some of those long traveling trips worth every minute. It’s a fun experience that is not always shared.”

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