J.A. King Company Newsletter – September 2015

What is an IBM and how can they help YOU?

If you’ve been reading our website or our emails, you’ll have seen some new folks at J.A. King called IBMs. IBM stands for Industry Business Manager and they’re here to give you, our customers, an unfair competitive advantage when it comes to precision measurement. Each concentrates on a specific industry, working with our customers to bring them the latest metrology information and share best practices. They are focused on instilling more integrity into your quality processes, reducing your risk and bringing you world class measurement solutions for your particular industry. Theya ee a cadd have the experience and the expertise to do it:

  • Dan Allen, Chemicals and Energy: Dan has over sixteen years in all areas of the chemical industry. He’s also a Six Sigma black belt and master black belt with a focus on LEAN and process optimization.
  • Doug Ahrens, Life Sciences: Doug is our newest IBM, joining J.A. King in July. Prior to that, he was in the pharmaceutical industry for seventeen years. Doug has a master’s in biochemistry and cell biology and numerous scientific publications to his name.
  • Tory Manning, Consumer Products: Tory has over nine years in industrial metrology and has an MBA in International Business. She works with customers from tobacco and firearms to appliances, electronics and cosmetics.

But don’t just take our word for it! Call Dan, Doug or Tory on 800.327.7727 or email them directly ([email protected]) to see how they can help you!

Additions to ISO-Accredited Scopes of Work

It’s been a very busy summer for Connie Foster and Dan Blount, J.A. King’s quality managers. We’ve had most of our A2LA audits, which re-certify our ISO 17025 accreditation. Each branch has a separate audit and as a result, we have enlarged and improved the scope of accredited work they can perform. Some highlights include:

  • Accredited calibration for pH mefc d fa bfaaceters in Columbia, Greensboro and Nashville and pH and conductivity meters in Greenville and Raleigh
  • Accredited calibration for clamp-on type ammeters, used to check high current, in Greensboro and Raleigh.
  • Durometers measure the hardness of plastics and rubber. We can now do their accredited calibration in Greensboro
  • fdabd a bac aa fdeaddCharlotte can now perform accredited calibration of ring gages, infrared devices and  optical pyrometers (used for measuring non-contact heat)
  • Improved range for calibrating pressure in Greensboro, Greenville, Raleigh, Chattanooga and Charlotte, as well as the
    ability to calibrate magnehelic-style gages, which are used to measure differential pressure in low pressure situations.

And don’t forget, if you need the calibration and it’s not accredited in your local branch, J.A. King will handle the transfer internally in a process that’s transparent, yet invisible to you, with our normal turn-around times in effect.

Water Flow for Greenvilleeaca bf fe fd dfcdbc

Service manager Johnnie Boothe and his team in Greenville are very excited by their new water flow stand.  It gives Greenville the ability to do NIST-traceable calibrations of water meters up to 6,000 gallons per hour with an accuracy of ±0.75%. Best of all, it’s portable, so we can calibrate on a customer’s site, if needed.

Accredited Gas Flow for Raleigh

aa a a dc abcbbeRaleigh service manager Stacey Susca and her team are now accredited for low volume gas flow calibration. They are using a Fluke Molbloc flow calibration system, an advancedtool specifically designed for low gas flow which can handle flow from 10 sccm to 120 slm.  We did our first accredited calibration, for A.O. Smith’s Testing Lab in Johnson City, TN in August and we’re now open for more business.  Please talk to your J.A. King account manager about calibration of your gas meters today!

Case study: Scale System Helps Commonwealth Brands Gather Data to Reduce Waste by 30%

eaa fe ac ebadfbWaste is something to watch in any type of manufacturing environment but gathering exact data can be tricky. Commonwealth Brands, a large cigarette manufacturer based in Reidsville, NC, turned to J.A. King’s engineering department to help them understand where their waste was coming from. This new case study describes the scale system that our engineers designed for them and how it contributed to the success of their continuous improvement initiative.

Click here to see rest of case study

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