J.A. King Company Newsletter – May 2017

Is Your Multimeter Calibration Checking Mulitple Test Points?

Multimeter CalibrationDigital Multimeters, or DMMs, are one of the most common types of electrical test equipment and can provide accurate readings for current, voltage, and resistance. Additionally, many of today’s DMMs can test parameters such as temperature, capacitance, and frequency.

While some technicians may only test one point for each measurement type, our technicians check a series of points across the entire range for each parameter.

It is best practice to use the manufacturer’s procedure to determine which/how many test points to check. In cases where the manufacturer procedure is not available, we check a minimum of 3 test points for each parameter to ensure that the multimeter is accurate across the full range of the device.

At J.A. King, our technicians will take it a step farther to customize calibration to fit your specific needs. If there is a specific range in which you use your device, we can add test points in addition to those recommended by the manufacturer to ensure accuracy for your application. Click below to learn more about our Electronic Calibration services:


Axle ScaleAsk the Experts: Truck Scales vs. Axle Scales

Truck scales act as the cash register for your operation, weighing goods coming to and going from your facility. They also ensure that you are meeting regulatory weight requirements to alleviate overload fines.

For these reasons, it is critical that you are getting accurate readings every time. When investing in a truck weighing system there are a variety of options including axle scales,full-length truck scales, and multi-platform truck scales. So how do you know which is right for your application?


Mitutoyo Spring Promo CoverMitutoyo Spring Promotions

Check out Mitutoyo’s Spring promotion, and take advantage of sale pricing on a wide array of precision tools and instruments! Offer is good through June 30, 2017.

Take a look at the brochure to the right for more information and get a customized price quote from J.A. King by clicking on the button below!

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