J.A. King Company Newsletter – June 2017

Is your testing process in compliance?

Custom Test DesignRegardless of what you are producing, chances are that testing is an important part of your product development and manufacturing processes. Ensuring that your testing processes are in compliance can be complicated, but J.A. King is here to help!

With the acquisition of the Millennium Group in Greenville, SC, J.A. King has added a team of testing experts with more than 80 years of combined experience in destructive & non-destructive testing. We offer consultation services to determine the best testing solution to comply with your manufacturer specifications and/or testing standards. With years of experience in highly regulated industries, our team has an extensive knowledge of regulation standards to help ensure that your process is in compliance.

Our testing lab is ISO 17025 accredited and our capabilities include:

  • Salt Spray TestingTemperature/Humidity Environmental Testing
  • Salt Spray Testing (NaCl & CASS)
  • Reliability/Durability Testing
  • Flammability Testing
  • Color Analysis
  • Air Bag Deployment
  • Testing Sun Simulation
  • Testing HALT/HASS
  • Testing Odor Testing
  • Custom Test Designs


J.A. King Provides Consistency and Improves Quality while Reducing Downtime

DHMJ.A. King serves as a single point of contact for DHM Adhesive’s metrology needs. This has both improved and streamlined their quality process by providing consistency, familiarity, and accountability.

“From a risk-analysis standpoint it makes sense to trust J.A. King, a family-oriented company, to take care of all our calibration, service, and repair needs. These are critical measurement processes that impact our customers, and we need consistent quality.”

– Norman Pleger, Director of Engineering & Maintenance for DHM Adhesives.

DSC eRead our full case study to learn more about how choosing J.A. King as your strategic metrology partner can improve your quality process.


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