J.A. King Company Newsletter – April 2016

Chalk Talk:

Did you know J.A. King offers a wide variety of inspection services? Watch to learn more:

Interested in a J.A. King inspection services? Check out our inspection services section for more information!

Announcing J.A. King Metal Detection Capabilitiescddfd bfc d caebf

We are excited to announce that we now offer metal detection calibration services! In addition to calibrating metal detectors, J.A. King is also a Sartorius metal detector equipment distributor. Learn more about metal detection calibration or request a quote for products or services below!


Introducing J.A. King Lab Servicesfde a eb adf fdddbd

J.A. King has also expanded our service offering to include laboratory services. This encompasses calibration of items such as pipettes, analytical balances, centrifuges, conductivity meters and more! Learn more about J.A. King laboratory services or request a quote below!


Sartorius Electrochemistry Specialeedfc e fc afe cabf

Sartorius is currently running a special including a free electrode with purchase of a PR series, pHBasic+ or pHBasic Electrochemistry Meter. Take a look at the full selection by clicking on the image to the right and get a customized price quote from J.A. King by clicking below!

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