GageSuite® Tips and Tricks: Mass Email Certs

Do you ever need all the certs for a particular period of time? Instead of downloading them all separately, GageSuite allows you to email them to yourself (or someone else) all at once.

To do so, simply log into GageSuite. In the top left corner hover over “GageSuite” then go to “Certifications” and click on “Mass Email Certs”.

GageSuite Screenshot

In the form enter the email address of the person you would like the certs sent to then enter the date range for which you would like the certs. Once all of this is entered click “Submit”.

GageSuite Screenshot

The certs will then be emailed in PDF format to the email address that you indicated. Do note, that these can only be sent to one email address at a time.

Access your certs today by logging into your GageSuite account.

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