Expanded Scope at J.A. King Paducah, KY

Paducah Team

Mike (far right) is the new Service Manager at J.A. King Paducah, KY

We have expanded the scope of calibration services at our Paducah, KY branch! Our new Senior Service Manager Mike Murphy has been working hard with our team to get things in place and we are proud to share our new capabilities.

Previously, our Paducah, KY branch focused heavily on scale calibration and is a key player for scale service in the region. The new capabilities introduced at their facility will enable J.A. King to provide our world class precision measurement service to the area.  We are excited to add the following disciplines to our scope of services provided:

pH Meters
Conductivity Meters
Pin Gages
Linear Indicators
Height Gages
Steel Rules
Tape Measures
Angle Indicators & Protractors
Feeler/Thickness Gages
Coating Thickness Gages (Film/Ultrasonic)
Surface Plates
DC Voltage – Measure (Power Sources, Supplies, Hipot Testers)
DC Voltage – Generate
DC Current – Measure
DC Current – Generate (Process Devices, Loop Calibrators)
Resistance – Generate
AC Voltage – Measure ( Hipot Testers, Power Sources)
AC Current – Measure
Thermocouple Stimulation  (Type J,K,T,E,R,S)
RTD Stimulation/Measure
Fluid Quantities
Viscosity Meters
Torque (Wrenches & Screwdrivers)
Rotary Torque Tools (Pneumatic, DC, Pulse)
Indirect Verification of Rockwell Hardness Testers
Relative Humidity
Temperature – Measure
Temperature – Direct Method
Time & Frequency
Times & Stop Watches

PAD A2LA Certificate

Take a look at the full scope of disciplines at our Paducah, KY laboratory by clicking on the certificate above. Also, learn more about our Paducah, KY service branch, take a look at our J.A. King Locations pages.

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