KFY-1131 Yarn Tension MetersYarn Tension Meter

One of the best-in-class yarn tension meters, the new KFY 1130 Digital Tension Meter employs a strain-gauge system for accurately measuring the running tensions on a wide variety of yarns, fibers and fine wires. Its trigger-operated roller shifting mechanism makes it easy to acquire the running material. This yarn tension meter features single-button, automatic zero permits operation in any orientation while maintaining highest accuracy.

KFY-1131Capacity 50 Grams/cN
KFY-1132 – Capacity 100 Grams/cN
KFY-1133Capacity 200 Grams/cN
KFY-1134Capacity 500 Grams/cN

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More Info

  • Easy- to- read LCD display with auto power off.
  • Zed V-grooved guide rollers are rated for speeds up to 2000 m/mm, or optionally, 3500 m/mm
  • Powered by rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, 90 hr battery life with 3.5 hr charge.
  • NIST-traceable calibration optionally available.
  • Supplies in an attractive foam-fitted case.
  • Automatic Zero in all positions.
  • User adjustable Damping to “average-out” tension fluctuations.

*Please specify Grams or cN readings with order of all yarn tension meters.


KFY-1135 Warp Tension MetersWarp Tension Meter

Offering only the highest in reliability, our Warp Tension Meter measures the tension of a section of threads on a warp beam in warping or weaving operations. Using the KFY-1135 Warp Tension Meter, multiple applications can detect tension variations across the width of the warp. Mechanical operation, analog readout 0-100 scale. We also offer a wider range of mechanical and digital tension meters for other applications.

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