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Load Cell Calibration Service
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Load Cell Calibration System

Load Cell Calibration System

We are investing in our capabilities so that you can improve yours:

With our upgraded ISO 17025 A2LA accredited load cell testing system, J.A. King & Company is more equipped than ever before to serve the needs of the measurement industry. Through improved accuracy, enhanced capacity, and substantially improved NIST tractability, we are now better equipped than ever before to handle your Load Cell service, repair, and calibration needs.

Improved Speed Our new system offers substantially improved turnaround times with speeds exceeding a 300% improvement!
Improved Technical Ability With a cutting-edge expansion in capability, our new system offers accuracy improvements exceeding a 400% improvement!
Improved Cost Reduction Three times the speed and four times the accuracy of our old system, we are able to get the job done better than ever before!  Let our Low Cost Load Cell system work for you!
Improved Intangibles Improved turnaround, improved accuracy, and reduced cost makes doing business with J.A. King & Company easier than ever before!

We remain committed to offering the most competitive measurement solutions available today. We’re here to earn your business.

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